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Sir Christopher Lee

The count looms perilously close to the royal jugular. Is he making polite small talk with HRH or struggling to contain a raging thirst for blue blood?

Guardian UK

“Bram Stoker knew what he was doing”

    In an interview with Fangoria, posted by Alondra Rogers on June 26, 2011, Stoker nominated Adam-Troy Castro, opined that  “Bram Stoker knew what he was doing.” Castro is author of

V is For Vampire: an Illustrated Alphabet Of The Undead, illustrated by Johnny Atomic.

FANG: The very first vampire folklore described them as nearly mindless ghouls who returned to their villages nightly to prey upon family members. How, or perhaps why, do you think the vampire evolved into a suave ladies’ man or enchanting seductress?

CASTRO: Bram Stoker knew what he was doing. That was essentially it. He knew he was sublimating sexual images in the Victorian age. When the stage production of DRACULA proved that acting like a vampire could make a funny-looking middle-aged man like Bela Lugosi a sex symbol, the handwriting was on the wall. 

'The Map of Time':

Heartbroken English aristocrat time-travels to prevent a murder

The Seattle Times

They involve, among much else, a tribe in deepest Africa with the power to open tunnels in time, the dashing hero of a future war and a number of real-life characters (including Jules Verne, the Elephant Man, Bram Stoker and Wells himself). ...

Frank Delaney's 'UNDEAD: the Birth of Dracula' Takes a Bite Out of ...

By Matt Staggs

Along the way, Delaney considers the life and work of Dracula author Bram Stoker and his influences. At only .99 cents, Delaney's single, UNDEAD: the Birth of Dracula, is a great bargain for anyone interested in the world's most famous ...


Gary Oldman


In "The Hindu" Latha Anantharam, reports on the August issue of the literary magazine, "Granta", which focuses on horror....

"Absolutely Eerie"

"Mark Doty's “Insatiable” is an essay on the astonishing correspondence between the sunny Walt Whitman and Bram Stoker, surely one of the darkest writers we know. What the two writers had in common, as we would see if we laid their works side by side, is their frank eroticism. One weaves the erotic with the spiritual. The other weaves the erotic with the ghoulish. But Doty quotes from the actual letters written between the two. Stoker, it appears, based the character of Dracula on Whitman, and Doty takes off from there. It is not an academic essay, and Doty throws in his deeply personal accounts of amorous encounters.


Listen to Stoker relative Douglas Appleyard and Derek Mooney (RTE 1Radio) discuss placing a statue of Bram Stoker in Dublin and raising public awareness of Bram Stoker as an Irishman. In a poll, 98% of the Mooney listeners would like a statue to honor Bram Stoker. The Stoker Family and “Friends of Bram Stoker” plan to raise funds for the statue privately.

Making An Authentic Count Dracula Costume Is Easy — YJCATV

By Lynn Robinson

There are many factors that go into making an authentic Count Dracula costume. To start, you need to know the weather for your area. If you're going to a party or are going trick or treating, is the party inside or out?

10 Decades of movie and TV vampires: Bloodsuckers through the years

Plain Dealer (blog)

The 1940s: "House of Dracula" (1945): John Carradine gave us a new kind of Dracula and a new kind of vampire. Although ultimately still a predator, his Dracula was weary, struggling through the centuries with a curse and searching for a cure. ...

Time for 'Dracula therapy' - The Times of India

With vampires enjoying unprecedented popularity thanks to series like True Blood and Vampire Diaries and movies like Twilight, here's something only the “fan”glers out there might appreciate.


Happy 164th Birthday, Bram. November 8, 2011


Sir Christopher Lee

Hammer’s Horror of Dracula


The Philosophical Society of Trinity College Dublin awarded its Bram Stoker Gold Medal earlier this month to Sir Christopher Lee, pictured with Lady Lee.

Asked what frightened him Lee replied:

“Not much”

Irish Times article

Photo courtesy of Eoin O’Liathain

Sir Christopher Lee in Dublin, November 2011


Former Lord Mayor of Dublin, Eibhln Byrne

with Dracula (Paddy Drac)

at a re-enactment of the wedding of Bram Stoker and Florence Balcombe in St Ann's Church, Dawson Street, during Dublin’s One City, One Book, 2009


The Australian arachnid Draculoides bramstokeri, is so named because it crunches its victims and sucks their juices.

Vlad the Impala

Excerpt from a Huffington Post Interview with Oscar nominee Gary Oldman: 7 February 2012

When you read a script, what makes you want to do a film?

It can be many things. It normally is the material and the director. But I can give you a specific example. When I read the script for "Dracula," it had a line in it, he said, "I've crossed oceans of time to find you," I wanted to do the movie for that line. I wanted to say that line to someone. I just thought that was an amazing line, and I thought, Who wouldn't want to say that to someone they loved? And that hooked me.


BBC - Night Waves Landmark

Bram Stoker's


As we approach the centenary of Bram Stoker's death, Philip Dodd presents a Landmark edition of Night Waves devoted to his Victorian gothic horror novel Dracula .

The Writers Almanac- Garrison Keillor

18 May 2011

    On this day in 1897, Bram Stoker staged a live performance of Dracula at the Lyceum Theatre in London in order to protect the theatrical copyright.

Stoker was the overworked manager of the Lyceum, where he kept long hours planning the company’s seasons, organizing overseas tours, managing financial records, and undertaking secretarial duties for the Lyceum’s founder, the famed Shakespearean actor Henry Irving. (When Stoker died in 1912, obituaries predicted that he would be best remembered for his association with Irving.)

    Yet Stoker worked on Dracula in his few spare moments over the course of six years. And on this day, just a few days before the book was published, Stoker hastily pieced together large sections of the book for a stage production. The play was billed as Dracula; Or the Undead and was performed for theater employees and lucky passerby. It lasted four hours. The final decision to call the book simply Dracula was made almost literally at the last minute.



HUFFINGTON POST (Satire) Lawrence Hughes

A humorous Dracula knock-off in which characters in a classic epistolary novel must deal with the modern Postal Service

Dracula poster 1931

1931 Dracula Poster Sold for $143,000. in 2012

Excerpt from:

"6 Corporate Mascots That Have Gone Under the Knife"


When General Mills (GIS) first introduced its monster cereal lineup in 1971, the complexion of its caped mascot was less Bela Lugosi and closer to, say, Blacula. Now Count Chocula looks like Adam Scott’s reflection in a funhouse mirror. Freakishly elongated and thin, but decidedly white.

If the cartoon character with the Transylvanian accent did

indeed get a “race-over,” he may have lost his religion, too.The hook nose, often used to caricature Jews in anti-semitic propaganda, was a prominent feature on Count Chocula’s face. Today, after some botched rhinoplasty, his schnoz looks like Pinocchio’s after a fibbing streak.

Incidentally, General Mills did receive backlash from the Jewish community in 1987, not for the chocolate-sucking vampire’s nose (which, at that point, was beak-like) but for the image of Bela Lugosi on the box wearing what appeared to be the Star of David. Although it wasn’t an artistic choice on the company’s behalf -- instead depicting Lugosi as he was dressed with the medallion in the 1931 film Dracula -- the box was nonetheless pulled from shelves and remains a rare collector’s item.

Count Chocula
Count Chocula

Dracula, A Tribute - Once upon a Screen....

Dracula was published

125 years ago, this week.....

Dracula, Bram Stoker- Irish Post 2012-David Rooney

Listen to

Mercury Theatre:

Orson Welles 1938 radio broadcast of Dracula

Dracula's Daughter

Theatre History:

Langella's 'Dracula' puts bite back into Broadway

Mysteries Surrounding the Writing of Dracula

Dacre Stoker, John Browning & Jim Hart at

New York Comic Con October 2012 -MTV Blog

Dracula-Transylvania University
Dracula-Milan-Dracula-Dracula-e -in-Triennale-Milan 2013
Dracula-e -in-Triennale-Milan 2013
Son of Dracula

Masters of Horror

Christopher Lee, Vincent Price, Peter Cushing, John Carradine