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Legacy of Dracula

The Unprecedented Impact of Bram Stoker’s Novel

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Kansas City Journal

Kansas City, Missouri 

03 December 1899

Musical and Dramatic Notes

    Since arriving in Boston, Bram Stoker, Manager of Sir Henry Irving, has received a proposition to dramatize his latest book, “Dracula”. If it put on the stage, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde will, it is said, soon become a pleasant memory.

The Times Dispatch

Richmond, Virginia

15 July 1906

Name or Sobriquet

    Please tell me whether Bram Stoker is the name of the author of Dracula or a pen name.

    The matter is too new for any dictionary we have. On the reverse of the title page, however, we note that the book is copyrighted by Bram Stoker and this is commonly conclusive that the name is real.

The Ocala Evening Star

Ocala, Florida

31 January 1908

    The effects used by Dracula in the opening of his act with the Donnelly and Hatfield Magnificent Minstrels are of a new and novel description. This novelty performer makes his entrance in a darkened cavern in the guise of a frolicsome demon brandishing a sword from which scintillates flashes of electric light. A quick change shows Dracula in a wonderful exhibition of amazing contortion feats on a high pedestal and on a trapeze.The Donnelly and Hatfield Minstrel Show will appear here at the armory opera house, Monday night February 3d. Seats on sale at the Ocala News Company.

The Seattle Star

Seattle, Washington

22 June 1906

The Theaters

    At the Star Theater the present clever bill, including Armstrong & Holly: Bert Levy, the cartonist; Dracula, the wonderful contortionist and Lansing Rowan and Harry Fahrney, is playing to a succession of big houses. The performance Sunday will be continuous. Next Monday, the Apollo Four, Arthur Rigby, the veteran minstrel man, the cycle wire kings, the Hoffmans and other big turns will begin their engagement at the Star.

Dublin Writer’s Museum

18 Parnell Square


The Times, London

Tuesday, 15 February 1927

The Times, London

Wednesday, 26 April 1939



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in “Country Life” magazine

June 19, 1897

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