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        Robin MacCaw is the youngest great-grandson of Bram Stoker. Born in the Isle of Wight, England on 11th March 1945, son of Cdr. Brian MacCaw, Royal Navy (1920-1996) and Ann nee Stoker (1920-1998), who married first R.A.W. Dobbs (died 1938). Robin has two elder half-brothers, Noel Dobbs born 1937 and James Dobbs, born 1938. As third generation, these three are the closest-living direct descendants of Bram.

    Like both his half-brothers Robin followed in their grandfather Noel Stoker’s footsteps and qualified as a Chartered Accountant. He first read “Dracula” as a twelve-year-old schoolboy.

        Robin spent his working career in a variety of companies living in Los Angeles and Hong Kong, as well as the UK.

         Now retired, he and his wife Jane (nee Hague) have homes in Oxfordshire and the Isle of Wight in the UK. They have a daughter Mimi (born 1980) and a son Joe (born 1982) who both live and work in London.

        As well as the Bram Stoker Estate, Robin’s interests include sailing on his 7 metre yacht, travel, current affairs and cooking.

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