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Bram Stoker’s Dracula A Love Letter to Moviemaking | Esquire


Bram Stoker Marginalia Discovered in London Library | DailyMail


Irish Central Bank Releases Dracula Collector Coin | Coin Update


New Adaptation of Dracula Coming to Netflix | Paste Magazine


Vampire of Purfleet | The Enquirer


Dracula Resurrected as Miniseries by Sherlock Creators |


BBC Sherlock Team Reuniting for Dracula | Variety


Review: Powers of Darkness: The Lost Version of Dracula | Locus Mag


Remembering Coppolla’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula on 25th Anniversary | The Digital Bits


AirBnb Hosted Halloween Night in Dracula’s Castle | The Telegraph

Spend Night in Dracula’s Castle with AirBnb | Business Insider


Where Dracula Was Born (Not Transylvania) | NY Times


Why Read Bram Stoker’s Dracula? | OUP Blog


Whitby Celebrates Count’s Anniversary | The Guardian


Francis Ford Coppolla Remembers Dracula | Entertainment Weekly


Bram Stoker and Henry Irving’s Visit to Cincinnati |


Timeline of Vampire Literature | OUP Blog


Review: Bram Stoker’s Dracula | WKAR


Why Nosferatu Shouldn’t Be Remade | The Guardian


Why Gary Oldman’s Dracula Was Perfect Movie Vampire | 1428 Elm


Capturing the Drama and Surrealism of Dracula | Pop Matters


7 Reasons for Obsession with Bram Stoker’s Dracula | Bustle


Tod Browning’s Dracula an Analysis with Staying Power | Standard-Examiner


A Closer Look at Dracula…If You Dare | Star-Telegram


Interview with a (Vampire) Scholar |



“Bloofer Lady” | Dracula Scholar Elizabeth Miller’s Blog


Dacre Stoker Speaks at Mark Twain House | Hartford Courant


Whitby Goth Weekend | DailyMail


Javier Bardem Dracula Movie Filming in Northern Ireland | Irish Independent


Historic Dracula Studio Turned Luxury Housing | DailyMail


Cançonier Performs Dracula Music | Houston Chronicle


Review: Bram Stoker and the Stage | Times Literary Supplement


Erosion Near Famous Whitby Church | Yorkshire Post


Spanish Filmmaker Jess Franco Dies at 82 | Variety


Christopher Lee Dracula Restored


Review: The Forgotten Writings of Bram Stoker | Washington Post


John Edgar Browning on The Forgotten Writings of Bram Stoker | Huffington Post


Whitby’s Dracula Church “Raining Bones” | DailyMail


Vampire-Inspired High Fashion | Vogue (IT)

2012 – Bram Stoker’s Centenary

Bram Stoker Centenary | (Various)

When Bram Met Walt Whitman | National Endowment for the Humanities

2012 Bram Stoker Awards Final Ballot | Horror Writer’s Association


Richmond Shakespeare Society Does Dracula | Local Guardian


Vampires After ‘Twilight’ | The Atlantic


Gallery of Vampiric Travel Attractions | The Telegraph


New Critique of Classic Dracula


Google Doodle Celebrates Bram’s 165th Birthday | (Various)


Five Best Movie Adaptations of Dracula | C.S. Monitor


How Dracula Created the Modern Vampire | C.S. Monitor


Famous Vampires in Art | Huffington Post


Things You Didn’t Know About Bram Stoker | Slate


The Many Faces of Dracula | Mirror UK


Stoker’s Very Anglo-Irish Bloodsucker | BBC America


The Economics of Dracula | Mises Institute


NY Comic Con Round-Up


Dracula the Original Thug | Slate


Too Many Critics Are Vampires | Telegraph UK


Science Behind Vampire Myths | KQED


Medical Myths Surrounding Vampires | Huffington Post


Dracula Dilemma: Tourism, Identity & the State in Romania | Times Higher Education


Bram Stoker Was a Notorious Prankster |


Stokers Teased About Dracula |


Bram Stoker Stage Struck | Irish Times


First Edition Dracula Auctioned |


American Repertory Theater Musical Adaptation of Dracula | Broadway World


Halloween Thrills and Chills | Times of Malta


Play Based on Jewel of the Seven Stars | Peace Arch News


Digital Storymap Dublin | Irish Examiner


The Creation of Dracula, Part One | Mancunian Matters–-part-one


Centenary Celebrations at Whitby | Cision,c9285236


“Frankenstein” Mummies Discovered in Scotland | Yahoo News


Bram’s Inspiration in Ireland


Newport’s Link with Dracula Writer | County Mayo News


Dracula Fever, But No Stoker Museum | Evening Herald


Calls for Dracula Conference in Derry | Derry Journal


1800s Vampire Slaying Kit on Auction | BBC


“Vampire Skeleton” Unearthed in Bulgaria | Daily Mail


Dracula: The Man Behind the Cape | The Guardian


Dracula: The Sligo Connection | Sligo Champion


Dracula Sets London Marathon Record for Book Costume | ITV


Bram Stoker Escaped Death in Birmingham | Birmingham Mail


Preserving Dracula’s Gothic Legacy | The Independent (UK)


Bram Stoker: A Century in the Shadows | Irish Times


Bram Stoker: A Dub Off the Old Block | Irish Times


Stoker’s Other 17 Books | Irish Times


Bram Stoker’s Monster Still Has Teeth |


Opinion: Allow Stoker Statue | Independent (IE)


Vampires We Have Known | The Guardian


A Century of Dracula | The Independent (UK)


Did Irish Dwarf Inspire Dracula? | Belfast Telegraph


Bram Stoker the Painter | Independent (IE)


I Am Legend Awarded Vampire Novel of the Century | The Guardian


Bram Stoker’s Centenary and Shakespeare Connection | The Shakespeare Blog


Bram Stoker the Sportsman | Independent (IE)


Dracula’s Original Publishing Contract Published | Independent (IE)


Bram Stoker’s Lost Journal Unveiled | Events on the Wight’s-creator-unveiled


Landmarks: Philip Dodd on Dracula | BBC Radio


Review: Dublin City of Literature | Independent (IE)


V is for Vampire | Huffington Post


Bram Stoker in Collooney: The Lost Journal | Michael Farry


Hammer Films to Revive Dracula | Irish Central


Horror Writers Association to Present Vampire Novel of Century | The Guardian


Hammer Films Explores New Dracula, Frankenstein Films | FansShare


Bram Stoker’s Birthplace For Sale | Irish Times


Bram Stoker’s Dracula: The Critical Feast |


Jeremy Wagner Sponsors Vampire Novel of the Year Award | Hellnotes


Elizabeth Miller Interview

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