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Abraham Coates Stoker Descendants

From Abraham Stoker, Sr.’s seven children only the descendants of Bram and George survive today. Each Stoker family member’s page will be updated and expanded over time, however certain details are withheld in support of pending publications. With their permission, the names of certain living family members are included. Out of respect for their privacy, other personal information is withheld.

(Click names to access individual pages:)

Abraham Coates Stoker = Charlotte Matilda Blake Thornley

      Sir William Thornley Stoker = Emily Stewart

      Charlotte Matilda Stoker = Charles Auguste Petitjean

      Abraham “Bram” StokerFlorence Anne Lemon Balcombe
             Irving Noel Thornley Stoker = Neelie Moseley Deane Sweeting
                  Ann Elizabeth Stoker = R.A.W. Dobbs
                                                      = B.A. MacCaw

      Thomas Stoker = Enid Bruce
              Enid Eveleen Stoker = James Scott Negley Farson
                    Daniel James Negley Farson

       Richard Nugent Stoker = Susan Harden

       Margaret Dalrymple Stoker = Sir William Thomson
               Gladys Thornley Thomson = Murray Hornibrook
                    Diana Sibell Nancy Murray Hornibrook
                    Douglas Stoker Brownlie Thomson = Ella M. Clark

       George StokerAgnes McGillycuddy
                Charlotte Sheela McGillycuddy Stoker
                Tom Thornley McGillycuddy Stoker = Mary Hendrie Braithwaite
                     Patrick McGillycuddy Stoker
                     Tom Thornley Braithwaite Stoker
                     Desmond Neil Stoker

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