Commercial Opportunities

The Bram Stoker LLC, based in the U.S., and representing the direct descendants of Bram Stoker in the U.K., has consolidated the international rights and trademarks of the Bram Stoker Estate. Dacre and Jenne Stoker manage the Bram Stoker LLC, and head up

the Bram Stoker Estate’s interests in North and South America with Robin MacCaw, great-grandson of Bram Stoker, handling interests in the Europe and Far East.

The Bram Stoker LLC and the Bram Stoker Estate welcome enquiries regarding appropriate commercial ventures, endorsements and historic consulting.


For information regarding historic consultation and licensing of images and trademarks belonging to Bram Stoker LLC and the Bram Stoker Estate, contact Dacre Stoker.

For all other commercial enquiries, please contact: Licensing Agent for Bram Stoker LLC and the Bram Stoker Estate.

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Bram's View

Self-Catering Apartment

No. 6, Royal Crescent, Whitby, Yorkshire

The same guesthouse Bram & his family visited in 1890, when Bram was writing Dracula.

Trademark Licensed and Endorsed by the Bram Stoker Estate

Information at

Bram Stoker, by Bryan Moore

Trademark Licensed by Bram Stoker Estate

C Acme 2012 Pen READY.png

Limited Edition 2012 Bram Stoker Commemorative Dracula Pen

Trademark Licensed by Bram Stoker Estate

Acme Studio, Inc.


Award Winning iPad App

Trademark Licensed and Rare Images Provided by Bram Stoker Estate

Created by PadWorx Digital Media Inc.

E   Tomorrow's Ghosts READY.png

Tomorrow's Ghosts Festival - Whitby

Absinthe Promotions

Trademark Licensed by Bram Stoker Estate