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Bram Stoker's Dublin Friends

a _Speranza_ Lady Jane Francesca Agnes W

“Speranza” Lady Jane Francesca Agnes Wilde 1820 - 1896 Poet, advocate for women’s rights; mother of Oscar

Sir William Robert Wills Wilde

Sir William Robert Wills Wilde 1815 - 1876 Ireland’s leading ear & eye surgeon, knighted for his service to medicine; author, angler & outdoorsman; father of Oscar

Oscar Wilde

Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde 1854 - 1900 Poet, novelist, and playwright, shameless self-promoter & leader of the so-called aesthetic movement, Oscar was romantically involved with young Florence Balcombe prior to her marriage to Bram Stoker

Edward Dowden

Edward Dowden 1843 - 1913 Irish Poet, Professor of English Literature and Oratory, Bram Stoker’s mentor at Trinity College Dublin. In his first book, Shakespeare: His Mind and Art, Dowden wrote, “Even though death end all, these things at least are - beauty and force, purity, sin, and love, and anguish and joy. These things are, and therefore life cannot be a little idle whirl of dust.”

Hester Dowden

Hester Dowden Travers Smith 1868 - 1949 Daughter of Edward Dowden, married to a well-respected Dublin physician. A Spiritualist and professional medium, who practiced internationally, she communicated with Shakespeare, and published a book on her spirit world conversations with Oscar Wilde.

Frankfort Moore

Francis Frankfort Moore 1855 - 1931 Very popular & prolific writer & satirist, married to Alice Grace Balcombe, sister of Florence Balcombe Stoker. “I think that if ever a mortal heard the voice of God it would be in a garden at the cool of the day.”

Dame Madge Kendal &.....

Dame Madge Kendal nee Robertson 1849 - 1935 English actress, singer, theatre manager and her English husband, William Hunter Grimstom 1843 -1917 whose stage name was Kendal. Both frequented the Dublin stages. He was a member of the Beefsteak & Garrick Clubs.

Walter Fredrick Osborne

Walter Fredrick Osborne 1859 - 1903 Born in Rathmines, son of William Osborne, also an artist. Impressionist landscape and portrait painter, who it was said, bowled well enough to have made a living by cricket. Close friend of Bram & Thornley, he painted many members of the Stoker family.

George Ferdinand Shaw

Dr. George Ferdinand Shaw 1821 - 1899 First editor of the Irish Times, Fellow of Trinity College Dublin, Bram Stoker’s tutor at TCD, and a founder of the Home Rule League

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