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Jenness Russell Fick Stoker C.V.


Jenness R.F. Stoker, named for her grandfather, Jenness Russell Fick, grew up in Walterboro, a small town in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, one of seven children, with a very large extended family. Dinner conversations in the Lowcountry, (according to Dacre) have always been about dead people and recipes, two subjects which never fail

to fascinate Jenne.

Although she is a relatively late addition to the Stoker family, the records and memories shared by Dacre’s uncle, the late Patrick Stoker of Montreal, Canada, have given Jenne a solid background in Stoker family history. She has supplemented this with information provided by other family members and years of her own research. With patient mentoring by Stoker cousin and Irish genealogist extraordinaire Douglas Appleyard, of Dublin, Jenne has become a source in her own right. She finds great satisfaction in identifying and connecting bits and pieces of history to add color and depth to lives from the past—the ‘story’ part of history. Her most treasured contributions to the Stoker family are, of course, her two children, Belle and Parker.

Jenne’s focus on historical research has not deterred her abiding interest in flora and fauna. Maintaining her garden in South Carolina, as well as her love for all things equine

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