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Dracula the Un-Dead , by Dacre Stoker & Ian Holt

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The true sequel to Bram Stoker’s classic novel, written by his great grandnephew Dacre Stoker and a well-known Dracula historian, Dracula the Un-Dead is based on plot threads and characters from Bram Stoker's notes coupled with the authors' research.


Picking up twenty-five years after the action in Dracula, the band of heroes is being hunted down, one by one. Did Dracula survive and return to seek his revenge or is there another evil lurking?


"The action is swift and thrilling; the villain is not whom you’d expect but is evil and powerful nonetheless. The authors do not try to duplicate Bram Stoker’s technique of moving the narrative along through newspaper clippings, journals, telegrams and other “objective” evidence.They do, however, wisely repeat the original’s approach of having multiple points of view, so that we see the impending doom even as the characters rush headlong into trouble. This worked effectively in “Dracula,” and here it is equally powerful. Although, based on their earlier experiences, these characters know full well what manner of evil they’re fighting, they look in the wrong direction, while the reader sees disaster in the wings."

 - Excerpt from a 2014 review by Leslie Klinger, author of The New Annotated Dracula - a landmark in Dracula studies.


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Trade Paperback

424 pages

8.5 x 5.5



Dracula the Un-Dead (2009) Trade Paperback



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