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Stoker on Stoker - Dracula Revealed (2022)

Trade Paperback

Dacre Stoker


This updated, second  edition of Stoker on Stoker -  Dracula Revealed is the companion book to Dacre Stoker's lectures and multi-media presentations enjoyed around the world. In this edition, Dacre shares an expanded collection of his notes and  observations; more fascinating details about Bram Stoker’s life, and the research that went into his writing Dracula; now including the true story told to Bram by his mother about how she lived through Ireland's cholera epidemic. And to present a more complete look at Bram Stoker as an author, Dacre includes four of Bram's  short stories, with short introductions. 


Dacre Stoker is the international bestselling co-author of Dracul, Dracula the Un-Dead and The Lost Journal of Bram Stoker, and has spent the past 12 years researching the life and times of his great granduncle, Bram Stoker.  

Stoker on Stoker - Dracula Revealed 2022 Edition



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