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Tom Thornley Braithwaite Stoker

A IMAGE Tom Thornley Braithwaite Stoker

B. 20 July 1922 at Montreal, Quebec 

D. 20 March 1942 at Dales Voe, Scotland 


Educated at Bishop’s College School, Lennoxville, Quebec  

and McGill University, Quebec, Canada

The following is from the Scottish War Graves Project:

B IMAGE TTB Stoker Memorial READY.png

Canadian Pilot Officer  
Royal Canadian Air Force 42 Sqdn.  
Age 19, Son of Capt. Tom Thornley McGillycuddy Stoker, M.C., 

and Mary Braithwaite Stoker, of Montreal, Province of Quebec, Canada


Commonwealth War Dead, Terrace 7B. Grave 3.
Killed in Beaufort L4514, which crashed at Dales Voe, Shetland near to where the 
golf course is today. He was returning from a failed raid on Norway 

owing to bad weather over target area.

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