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Susan Harden Stoker

B. 27 July 1852 at Dublin, Ireland

D. 13 June 1936 at Duncan, British Columbia, Canada



On the 3rd inst., at St. Thomas's Church, Dublin

R. Nugent Stoker, Bengal Medical Staff,

fourth son of Abraham Stoker, late of the Chief Secretary's Office, Dublin Castle,

to Susan, third daughter of John Harden, City of Dublin Steam Company.

The Medical Press Circular, 17 March 1875

Susan was one of the ten children of John and Susan Frances Harden, whose residences were listed in the 1858 Thom’s Directory as 48 Buckingham St. Lower in Dublin and Brighton Lodge in Raheny, a seaside suburb north of Dublin. Susan studied china painting and watercolors at the Dublin School of Art, and was a keen botanist. She lived with Dick in the mountains of North West India for twenty years, where he helped her gather seeds and plant specimens to send home. They both 

recorded the flora and fauna; Susan’s watercolors of butterflies and moths have been described as showing detailed color, executed with an entomologist’s eye, and signed with “SS”.   

Susan and Dick lived in British Columbia from 1900 ‘til his death in 1931 and hers in 1936.

According to family accounts, Susan’s one child did not survive, he or she was either stillborn, or died as an infant in India.  

A - Susan Harden Stoker READY.png

A leather photo album, purchased in an antique shop in Victoria, British Columbia in the 1970‘s

by Kathleen McLeod of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada contained this photo of Susan Stoker ca.1918, and another of her goddaughter,

Mary MacRae Stone. These treasures were kindly returned to the Stoker family, and greatly appreciated.


The wood shed in the background (with a few changes) remains today on Richard and Susan Stoker’s former property on Lake Cowichan, British Columbia.

The bird in her hand is believed to be an Oregon Jay, Gray Jay, or Whiskey Jack, tamed by her friends, the Simpsons.

Dick and Susan Stoker, and Susan’s younger sister, Lucy, who lived with the Stokers were buried in the churchyard of St. Peter's Anglican Church, Quamicham.

In Loving Memory of 

Lt  Col. Richard Nugent Stoker  I.M.S. 
son of 
Abraham Stoker 

of Dublin 

Born Oct. 31, 1851                

Died June 14, 1931 


also Susan 
widow of the above 

Born July 27, 1852 

Died June 13, 1936 


I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills 

and her sister 

Lucy Harden 

Died Aug. 10, 1945        

aged 91 years 

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